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Josep García, started in the world of electronic music as DJ Kaos at an early age, 14 yo. Interested, and very specifically, by the artist likes of Bob Sinclar, David Guetta and Benny Benassi, to name a few.
At age 15, with his laptop and a simple mixing software started as a local DJ in his hometown.
After a year and after participating in different town partys, weddings and other events, had the opportunity to play as a resident in the Collins (Solsona, group Wonder) Disco. He spent two seasons in the main room resident.
In 2011 after moving away from the topic of DJing, returns with a renewed style much more aggressive and technical: the Electro-House. And it does so with a new name more original and fresh: Dj Rolaway.
In that year he also won the contest held in Dj's Bora-Bora (El Bruc) also called 'Bruc Bannanas', and begins with a radio project called Electrozona. It is a musical space where only does live mixing music of all styles (electronic) and works there as a DJ and broadcaster.
With a precise technical style and knowledgeable of trends in the clue as to Electro-House, Rolaway is a safe bet to bring its best atmosphere in any European floor.


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Some events:

- Festa de Santa Bárbara ( Fiestas FUB-UPC ) 2011 (FB)fb16x 

- Events of ElectroZona SolsonaFM 2011 (EZ1) (EZ2) (EZ3)fb16x

- Presentació Disc 'Crazy Evolution' ( Fiesta Privada ) 2010 ( FB )fb16x

- Festa Voliaks Oliana ( Event Públic ) 2010 (FB )fb16x



***Comercial music*** by Rolaway

All Saints by Rolaway